Agile DevOps Adaptive Methodology

The agile philosophy is founded on prioritization of customer collaboration, working software, individual interactions, and responding to change. Upon this philosophy sits an increasing number of methodologies, frameworks, and approaches to fulfill your needs. SIS ensures your program office benefits from the key foundations of Agile, regardless of the specific path taken. Working software, rapidly deployed, is designed and built collaboratively with you. Key capabilities are fielded quickly. User feedback ensures requirements are not missed or misunderstood. Allowing mistakes to surface early ensures higher quality. We leverage DevOps practices to see the marriage of development and IT systems, ensuring you can meet the demands of true lifecycle management.

Government acquisition is evolving, as evidenced by the recent republication of DoDI 5000.02. Now know as Operation of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework, the objective of “…delivering effective, suitable, survivable, sustainable, and affordable solutions to the end user in a timely manner” is the new overarching policy for acquisition which breaks you free from the one-size-fits-all approach. New policies not only give a home to an agile approach but demand it. SIS brings agility to your program office to quickly deploy Minimum Viability Products and Minimum Viability Capabilities Releases, incorporating rapid feedback into each iteration. We are up to date with the emergent acquisition policies so that our operations will provide easy transitioning to new requirements.

Each and every Federal IT system must apply the Risk Management Framework (RMF) in order to satisfy the requirements of FISMA and relevant executive orders. SIS turns the myriad instructions and security controls mandated in NIST Special Publications into actionable tasks, providing your program office with the tools to select Security Controls matched to your environment and scaled to your needs. Our expertise enables you to meet regulatory demands in the context of continuous improvement. SIS can provision automated systems designed to ensure your day-to-day activities produce all auditable artifacts required for FIAR compliance.

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