Audio Video Collaboration & HD Video Teleconferencing (VTC)

SIS provides properly trained and certified VTC support personnel delivering VTC and A/V support as a core capability. SIS installs and maintains classified and unclassified VTC, bridging units, scheduling, maintenance, and repair with a balanced team of VTC maintenance and operations personnel who are qualified and certified either through a product brand or through DVS/GVS/DISN. Our experience includes the achievement and maintenance of conference room ATOs, the operation and scheduling of room use; working with DISN DVS/GVS and maintaining DISA/AFNIC compliance.  

SIS considers training a fundamental part of our system installation process. When new equipment is installed, an initial training session is scheduled. If a component is replaced changing any aspect of system performance, SIS engineers arrange to conduct follow-on training. Each training session will have clear goals which introduce the concepts that will be delivered in the session; in general terms, an answer to the question “why is this session occurring?” The training objectives will be clearly explained to the trainee(s). Clarifying these objectives aids in the process of selecting the appropriate content and structure for each training session. Learning objectives will be relevant to the trainee(s) needs, based on the specifics of the target audience (e.g. background knowledge, routine operation, how-to’s, basic troubleshooting, etc.). 

In addition to technology and industry standards, SIS understands and is experienced with compliance of DoD video services requirements and regional hubs supporting communications security (COMSEC) equipment for encryption of classified conferences. Conforming to and understanding these standards ensures that integrated designs and new acquisitions of technology comply with the required guidelines to communicate successfully across the video conference enterprise. Our personnel are well-versed supporting the implementation of DISA STIGs and utilize standard processes for ensuring systems meet interoperability and security requirements. We use compliance testing to verify the system under evaluation is properly configured and patched in accordance with (IAW) applicable STIGs. Additionally, we ensure equipment is approved by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), reviewed by the Defense IA/Security Accreditation Working Group (DSAWG), and certified on the Approved Product List (APL). 

IS is leading in AV, telepresence system and collaboration technologies providing customized solutions to increase productivity and communication effectiveness for DoD, Federal, and commercial clients. Our service delivery is based on offering our clients a leading-edge platform of technology, providing competent operations and maintenance, and effective integration of solutions hat deliver exceptional results. Using proven technologies and the best talent in the industry, SIS has supported AV/VTC requirements for these services in Ohio, Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, California, and New Mexico for clients such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC), Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC), Air National Guard, Naval Medical Center, Lexus Nexus, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and Veteran’s Administration (VA).  

As a full-service solution provider with expertise in all facets of VTC operations, design, and management we bring additional value through our experience engineering one-off, dedicated, and enterprise-level VTC solutions – we possess end-to-end proficiency of this business function. We offer on-site maintenance and fully integrated solutions consisting of system design and engineering, equipment procurement, system installation and system integration. SIS brings together expertise in immersing technology including computing, AV, compression technology, networking/telephony and automated control to complete the integration of customer’s applications. We provide AV integration focusing on interactive technologies, incorporating a full-service approach with value-added services, including: Help Desk, on-site maintenance, engineering, software development, installation and integration, facility construction, customer furniture, consulting, training, project management, and O&M services. As a leading VTC provider, we offer an up-to-the-minute understanding of current technology platforms and how these platforms are being used to meet today’s AV demands. We are committed to providing our clients leading-edge technology platforms, providing competent operations and maintenance (O&M) and effective integration of solutions that deliver exceptional results. 

SIS provides seamless turnkey multimedia and Audio/Visual Teleconferencing design, programming, installation, testing, training and maintenance, and operations of all equipment and associated software to include functionality and operations according to industry standards and best practices.  

We have extensive experience integrating AV presentation and VTC solutions. Our projects range from small meeting rooms to large venues with 30’ wide video walls. This table outlines many of the manufacturers and products we provide to our customers. SIS has direct access to the manufacturer for products and internal support.  

SIS recently completed the design and installation of several knowledge walls and video displays for a federal organization, providing integration, operations and maintenance. In all cases, SIS provides system functional interconnection diagrams; project coordination; system implementation monitoring; project schedule, equipment staging, and completion of final punch-list items. SIS installs, programs, and optimizes the system operation and resource utilization by programming touch-panel shortcuts for common-use features. SIS provides customized training materials for each video wall and conducted on-site end-user training on system operation and basic troubleshooting techniques. Each training session is tailored to knowledge-level of the expected audience as determined by SIS personnel during system test and acceptance activities.

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